SatKing 15 Element Local TV Antenna

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VHF/UHF TV antenna for mainland Australian capital cities. This is a combination TV antenna, meaning this antenna replaces 2 separate antennas. The antenna is perfect for medium and good signal areas.

  • Operating Channel Range: Channel 1-12 VHF, Channel 28-35 UHF
  • Bands: I, III, IV
  • Gain: VL-5dB, VH 8dB, UHF 8dB
  • F/B Ratio: VL-5dB, VH 13dB, UHF 20dB
  • Heavy duty design
  • Double sided through the boom rivets
  • F-Type digital balun included
  • UV Stabilized plastics
  • Single pcs or 10 per carton
  • 1 x SatKing 15 Element Local TV Antenna
  • 1 x Mounting clamp
  • 1 x Balun